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Alexander Muss High School in Israel
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Sunday, August 13th, 2006
4:16 pm
I guess I should probably start writing in here again so I can tell you guys what's going on in the big state of TEXAS! I love San Antonio! It's such a great city and my rommates are great. We've pretty much been doing all the touristy stuff and there's a lot to do. I miss everyone. Give me a call or an email. I have my same cell phone. Love you guys!
Saturday, May 27th, 2006
8:17 am
Finished with high school forever!
Wow! So, it's really over. I can't believe it. I mean, we still have graduation, convocation, and project graduation but nevertheless we no longer attend GHS. Is that not weird to think about? I thought I would be so happy to leave but I'm really, really nervous and a little bit sad. I'm going to miss everyone so much as and as much as I wish I could say I'll come and visit EVERYONE again, I feel like it'd be impossible and the only people I will see after graduation are my closest friends that I already hang out with a lot. Of course, there are some people that I don't mind leaving behind but some that just...I don't know. I wish I had gotten to know them better, like the freshies (soon to be sophomores, woot woot!).

Anyways, senior awards was long and hot and for the most part predictable as to who would get which awards. After Senior Awards, way after, Raina, Annika and I went to Quizno's and Cook Out for lunch. Then we went back to school. (they didn't even question us coming back on to campus)We got some underclassmen to sign our yearbooks and then Mr. Gasparello was yelling into the DJ's microphone for everybody to go home and get off campus. So, alas, we did and moved the small party over to my house. Raina and Annika looked at the yearbooks but I had seen it way too many times so I just kind of sat there. When Raina and Annika left my parents took me out for a "graduation" dinner at Olive Garden. We had to wait like an hour for a table but it was worth it. The food was so good and our waitress was really nice. Towards the end of the meal when they were bringing out the dessert, my dad said he had to the bathroom. When he came back he was holding a camelback backpack. I thought he had seen one of his friends or something and had stolen their diaper bag or something as a joke but then he gave it to me and said that it was my graduation present. He first took out of the bag 3 cards-one from my sister, one from my mom and dad together, and one from my brother. They were really sweet and everything. Then, he showed me what was inside-some highliters, post-it notes, a really cool water bottle, a map of San Antonio...and there were a few other little things that just seemed kind of trivial since I'm not going to school next year. Next, he was like, "I hope you like it." And I said thank you but it was like, "Ok, whatever" in my head because why would I need that stuff anyway if I'm not going to school? I mean, the cards were nice but the gift...well, it was just okay. (I don't really want to sound greety because I really did appreciate. I just wasn't like, "wow!" So, then he kept the bag open and turned it towards me. Guess what else was in the bag!!! A laptop!!! I was so excited. It's really pretty and I'm so happy about it.

So, yeah, pretty much a great last day. I'm going to miss Grimsley and everyone there. And even though everyone else says they won't miss the place, just the people, I think I will miss both because I have so many memories at Grimsley and at events held by Grimsley, so how could I not miss it?

If you've read all this I thank you because it's probably really boring, just something I felt like I wanted to write down so I wouldn't forget this day.

Current Mood: mixed feelings
Saturday, May 20th, 2006
2:48 pm
So, it's been more than 3 months since my last update but I feel like it's about time to start back up. Anyway, I know everyone is saying it but I can't believe we only have 1 more week of being high schoolers. It just hit me last night at the Relay for Life when I was talking to Raina and Annika and it made me extremely sad. Like, before it seemed so far away and it was so exciting. But I'm getting really, really nervous and sad. I'm not ready to move away from everyone and I'm nervous about next year and not knowing ANYONE. I love school now and I want next week to last forever. Even though it is pretty pointless for the most part I really want it to last forever. I don't know if I can do it...move so far away that to get back I have to take an airplane. Almost everyone else will be within a reasonable distance so they can just go visit eachother whenever but I don't have that and that makes me scared. When I committed to going to Texas, I was like, "I love my friends but I know I can live without them for awhile and I'll be able to come back to them next summer" but now I'm not so sure. I don't know if I'm doing the right thing and I know I'm going to cry so much the next couple of weeks. I know we have a whole summer ahead of us but still...all the people who I'm friends with just at school I won't see for very much longer. There are so many people who I wish I had gotten to know better and I feel like our time is being cut short. Why does it have to be over? Any underclassmen who are reading this...do not waste one second of your senior year. It flies by faster than you think and you need to enjoy each moment even if you "know" that you're ready to graduate. When everyone was talking about not wanting to leave high school, I thought that they were crazy but now I'm becoming like that. High school hasn't been a walk in the park but I've learned so much about life and myself in general and it's tough to leave it. I know next year will be great, I'm sure but it's hard to convince myself of that.

Well I better go so I can study for my senior tests but I promise to update more often, especially as we all part so that we can know what's going on in eachother's lives.

Current Mood: sad
Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
9:28 pm
A very different Valentine's Day then what I expected
Today is like the best day of my life! I got into City Year!!!! Yay, and I've been reccomended for the Senior Corps, whatever that is...I just know that it's good, better than just being a corps member. I think it's kind of like the Honors program at a college. So, that means I'm moving to San Antonio in September. Plus, Mike called me just to wish me a happy valentine's day. That was really sweet and when he called I was thinking about asking him about the thing that I heard about him, but I decided that I didn't want to ruin my day and it was nice of him to call so I'll just ask him another time. Oh, and I got 2 yes's for Thevent, a nfty convention and 1 probably, out of people who have never done nfty so that's super exciting. Yay, i love today. Plus, to top it all off, Duke is playing Wake Forest right now, and they're winning.

Current Mood: happier than i could ever say
Sunday, February 12th, 2006
7:44 pm
I did it. It was incredibly difficult and I cried, and we talked for like 45 minutes and I think we might still be friends, but I'm so relieved and I feel kind of bad because I did it over the phone and not in person but I don't think I would have been able to do it in person. So, if you have absolutely no idea about what I'm talking about here's the deal: for a few weeks or a month or so I've been having second thoughts about me and Mike and I figured I'd just wait it out and see if it got better. Well, it hasn't so last night at twirp, i decided it was time to dump him. i couldn't dump him that night b/c he was staying at my house (so that he wouldn't have to leave the dance at like 11:15 to make it in time for his curfew) so I dumped him over the phone this afternoon. He made me cry b/c he was like, "You're one of the nicest people I've ever met and definetly one of the best girlfriends I've ever had and I've really enjoyed every moment we've spent together, and you're so amazing..." and he said a bunch of stuff that made me cry b/c it was so sweet but I didn't want to give in b/c I knew that I really was ready for it to be over. So, yeah. That was hard. But I better go b/c Ms. Enright gave us way too much homework and I have to go do it.

Current Mood: relieved but sad
Saturday, January 14th, 2006
10:59 am
Wow, it's been about a month since I last updated so this is really weird. I guess since I see most of you guys almost every day at school I feel no need to update. However, I am feeling very bored and very much in the mood to procrastinate studying for my exams. So, I guess I'll write in here instead of just reading every one else's entries. Okay, why did I waste so much time talking about nothing? Sorry whoever is still reading this. I'm just stupid.

So, anyways, I really want to go to twirp but it seems like a lot of people aren't going. Maybe if everything works out w/ Raina's potential date (which it will) I'll have someone to go with besides just Mike. Raina, if you are going to go on a blind date before twirp you better hurry up and do it soon b/c especially since he doesn't go to our school you'll have to give him some time from the time you ask him to the actual dance. I'm really excited about buying a dress. Raina, get better so we can go.

Mmm, what else to say, what else to say? Last night me and mike hung out but u know, just the same old thing. u know what i really hate though? whenever i come home from hanging out with him my mom's like, "so...did you guys play kissy-face?" that's so embarassing. what am i supposed to say? cuz when i say no, she's like does he ever kiss you? and she goes on and on about how we've been going out long enough and blah blah blah. but i don't want to say yes because then she wants all the details. oy, parents are so great...and my dad keeps asking if i've ever done ecstasy b/c he saw this commercial about how you should talk to your kids about ecstasy. i can't wait to move out and not always have my parents on my back about stuff.

okay, i'm going to go try to be productive.
Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
7:54 pm
I got into college!!! Yay...not my first choice, actually i'm not even sure what my first choice is, but nevertheless i don't have to be a bum and stay in g'boro. oh, btw, i got into converse. it's a women's college, oh, and they offered me a scholarship! wahoo!!!!
Monday, December 5th, 2005
10:15 pm
I'm so tired of having any type of leadership position. I spend all this time for stuff not to work out. like, last night i spent about 2 hours calling everyone on the lax team, and then it has to pour today and be cold so we can't have our stupid picture session which i shouldn't even have to do. heidi should b/c it was her assignment in the first place but she's too much of a self-centered arrogant boss to do anything that she left it for whoever cared in the least bit. ugh! i hate her (and i know all you guys already know that.) plus, tonight i spent about an hour inputing all the email addresses to send out this email about a nfty meeting, which people probably won't even come to b/c no one ever comes to nfty except me and the vice-president and a couple of members who are so annoying. right after i sent the email, adam, the vice-president called me to inform me that i will have to call everyone (about 50 people) to tell them about this meeting b/c he will be working tommorow until 10:30, and we're supposed to call the people as well as email b/c it's a tiny bit more effective than just email. besides all this, i've got tons of homework that i feel like never gets finished. even if i spend tons of time, there's always something i haven't done. i'm so ready to graduate. oh yeah, and i have to be working on my americorps things (ie. 3 essays and 2 reccomendations) which is incredibly time-consuming.

okay, well i think now that i've vented i'm going to go call mike and he'll help me relax. haha! i'm sorry that i always talk about him. i know that i'm very annoying.

raina, you better come back to school tommorow or me an annika are going to have to pull another intervention!

Current Mood: stressed
Friday, December 2nd, 2005
6:21 pm
Good week
Okay, so I definetly would rate this week pretty high b/c some pretty exciting things happened:

1. Michael is home (or rather at AHA), yay! and i got to see him last night.
2. I got a car.
3. I got to miss half a day of school on thursday to go shopping with spanish club.
4. Emme and I started running (not quite so exciting but hopefully the results will be.)
5. of course, on of the exciting things is that we're moving on to state championships.

umm, yep, so there's my week in a nutshell. raina, i miss you so much!!!! i feel like i haven't seen you in ages.

Current Mood: excited
Sunday, November 27th, 2005
12:18 am
So much on my mind
I just got back from atlanta and now that i'm home and just from today i have so much on my mind so i think typing it all will help me sort it out...a little bit:

1. my mom found out about me losing my class ring in israel. she didn't yell at me. she just acted really dissapointed, which made me feel soooo bad. i'm going to ask that herff (however you spell that) jones guy what the policy is about replacing the ring.
2. i have to get ready for my americorps interview b/c they will be calling in about 2 weeks. i'm so nervous!
3. i also applied to converse and finished my application for ecu but still have to send it in.
4. i was sleeping in the car today on the way home from atlanta and my sister woke me up at one point. to my suprise we were at the entrance to converse college. it was sooooo pretty. it reminded me of elon. oh, and probably the best news of the day b/c it gives me "i told you" rights towards my parents and my rabbi. guess what? we looked up synagogues in the yellow pages in the phone book there. guess how many they had? 3!!!! that's more than we can say about greensboro. and you know what else? one of the temples (which usually implies that it's reform, which is what i am) is closer to the school than my temple is to my house now-walking distance definetly. ha! that makes me feel so good. i just have to call the temple and check it out and everything so that when i tell my rabbi this i can make sure i have enough to tell him to prove him wrong in his belief that if i went to converse i wouldn't have jews near me. haha!
5. michael is coming to greensboro on monday. ahh! i'm so excited and nervous and everything. i talked to him on the phone wednesday night and it was so great. i talked to him for about an hour and a half. i can't wait to see him. yay!

umm...what else? i don't know. i'm pretty tired though b/c it's been a long day. so i guess i'm going to go to sleep tommorow. i have a lot ahead of me tommorow.

Current Mood: sleepy
Sunday, November 6th, 2005
4:29 pm
Ok, so I really need to go fast b/c I'm pretty much procrastinating doing my hw and cleaning my room and I really do need to do those things. So, last night emme and jack and i went clubbing. we ended up going to the n-club. we went at like 10:30 which was a mistake b/c there was no one there yet so it was so boring. we had to have these stupid stamps on our hands that were really bright b/c they had black light ink b/c we were under 21. it was so embarassing. whatever. finally around 11,11:30 it started getting fun. lots of people started dancing and it got really crowded. guys would just walk up behind us and start dancing. some guys were really preverted like this one day i danced w/. he tried to grab my boobs and then he put his hands too low, so i kept moving his hands away. when he kept doing it i just walked away and started dancing with emme and jack. jack said he looked really old...ew! there were some other guys that were better to dance w/-younger and not so preverted. so yeah, overall it was really fun. you just have to be careful. we left around 12:45 and emme slept over. today i went to sunday school,where i'm teaching the cutest kids ever who are in 1st grade (yes, i did get my position back in that class.) there was a chanuka bazaar, so i stayed for that but it was pretty boring. and now, i'm really bored cuz i've got so much stuff to do that i really don't want to. but i better go, b/c i do need to get this stuff done.

Current Mood: blah
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
8:25 am
Home at last!
I'm finally in the boro. I was really sad to leave Israel and all my new friends, but i didn't cry that much. i was really surprised but i guess it was b/c #1 i was so excited to see all my friends here and my family, and #2 i know that i'll see them again and that i'll return to israel. that's just the kind of bonds we formed w/ e/o and w/ the land of israel. You guys don't understand how happy I was to see you at the airport. obviously i'm sure that you guys know i was elated b/c i was running to you like a crazy person but seriously, though. thank you so much for coming. it made my day even if i still stunk a lot from being on the plane for about 24 hours. dinner was a whole lot of fun, and i'm so glad that they didn't get ice cream on my t-shirt. haha.

raina, i've really missed having conversations like we had last night. we still have so much to catch up on but i'm sure that will be no prob. for us. the thing is, in israel, b/c we were changing so much and everyone was reflecting on their meaning in the world and all that, I did have intellectual conversations about stuff like why we're supposed to be here and what our meaning will be and is in life, and so on but w/ you, it's like we can switch one minute to another from being really serious to really crazy and i feel so comfortable w/ that and i know that i can tell you anything and you won't judge me. i love you!

anyways...it's really weird being home. don't get me wrong, i'm really happy but i feel like i'll be going back to campus in a couple of days. it's so quiet and it's weird not having people constantly w/ me asking me to do stuff w/ them or making fun of me about michael or whatever. i miss it-kind of and kind of not. it's just weird having so much privacy and not having my friends living w/ me. i don't know. i don't know what i'm feeling, i don't know who i am or who i want to be, i don't know what i'm supposed to do w/ my life, i don't know who i'm supposed to affect or why G-d put me here. i'm so confused, and yet i'm ready to face it. i'm scared, oh believe me, I am very scared but i know i can do something. i know that my life can have meaning to someone else...i just have to figure out how to reach that.

the first week, they said you'll leave this program w/ more questions than answers. it's true. i don't have answers for everything. yes i do know a lot more about my culture, my people, my history, but the more important questions as to what i'm doing for history, what i'm doing to change the world, i have know idea about. So, as i embark on a new part of my life- post HSI, I ask myself, "Why am I here and what am I doing?"
Monday, October 31st, 2005
10:39 am
Last time I'll be updating in Israel
So, as you can see by the subject as well as the date, this is the last time I will be updating from Israel. It's been really sad. People keep crying. It's really sad. The thing is, it hasn't even hit me that we're leaving. I was really sad when we said goodbye to aha. They went to army training so we had to say goodbye to them the night before last. I looked so bad by the way. I was wearing sweats b/c i had been studying and packing the whole day. I went out for coffee w/ Michael and then we went to the park. I'm so glad that aha is in greensboro b/c if they weren't i would be bawling when we had to say goodbye. i was sad, but i'll see them in a month. i took a picture of michael so you guys can see what he looks like. it's a really bad picture though.

we had inspection. it was a full military strict thing. it sucked. i had to scrub the floor w/ my key to get some of the stuff off of it. oy vey.

today, in about an hour and a half we're leaving campus and going to jerusalem. i don't think i'm ready to leave campus. it was so weird last night. me and my roomate, caroline were crying b/c it was our last night sleeping in the same room together in israel.

we had a reception last night also. we had a talent show, which i didn't participate in. there were only a few people that actually did something. we watched a slide show of our pictures. i got a cd, so I'm going to show you them. our counselor made it and it is so funny.

sorry this entry is so disorganized, and come to think about it i think i may have already written about saying goodbye to michael. i'm not sure. sorry if i did. i can't wait to see you guys. just one more day.

Current Mood: I don't know
Sunday, October 30th, 2005
2:29 pm
Two days until I see you guys
Today I had my final for Judaics class. It was really bad. I'll be lucky if I get a 50. whatever, i'm so happy that it's over. not the trip, necesarily, just the exam, b/c i don't really know if i'm glad it's over b/c i want to see everyone at home or i'm not glad b/c i'm going to miss everyone from here. i said bye to michael last night, or at least i though it would be our goodbye until next month but apparently it wasn't. see, we went out last night to a coffee shop and then the park. we walked around until it was exactly the time he had to be in his dorm at which point he had to run so he wouldn't get in trouble. i was really sad, but i'll see him. there were a bunch of people crying. it was pretty bad. aha left this morning for an army training thing and i saw him in the cafeteria. i thought that they were leaving early in the morning so i looked like shit today b/c i basically just crawled out of bed to go get breakfast and go to the exam b/c i stayed up really late last night studying and talking about masturbation and giving head (don't ask.) so, i was really embarassed when he walked up to me but then he gave me a hug, and i was like screw what i look like. i don't care. so we talked for a few minutes, and then we said goodbye for the last time until next month.

i can't wait to see you guys. i really want to go to the football game on friday b/c i haven't been to any. what senior night is it?

okay, i'm going to go b/c we have a talent show tonight and everyone is supposed to do something and i have to plan something. damn, what am i going to do?
Friday, October 28th, 2005
10:33 pm
Four days until I'm back in G'boro
So, today was pretty boring. I had part 1 of my final, which sucked. I forgot a lot of the stuff I realized i really knew. oh well. it doesn't count on my transcript. whatever. at least we got out early b/c it's shabbat. i went shopping and finished buying all 43 presents i had to buy people. i am so good!!! haha. we had a mandatory on-campus shabbat so that our whole group can stay together for our last weekend. we had services together and dinner. then we played thesegroup games. a lot of the games would have been pretty good but i've decided that the people from the private school are so homophobic and racist that it's really annoying. yeah, so this weekend is going to be boring b/c aha is gone so it's just us. that's okay though b/c i have a lot to study for my 2nd part of the exam and i have work to do for ghs.

I'm so excited to see you guys. i get in at 6:30 into the g'boro airport on tuesday so i would love it if anyone wants to come see me there. i miss you guys and can't wait to see you!

lots of love!!!

Current Mood: blah
Sunday, October 23rd, 2005
10:34 am
Alrighty, so I have a couple of things to tell you guys about. Let's see, nothing is exciting by the way. It all pretty much sucks. Okay, you know how yesterday I was so excited b/c I thought I was going to hang out w/ Michael? Okay, well he said he would be outside, so right after finishing my lj entry for yesterday, I went outside and he wasn't there. Some of my friends were out there so i hung out w/ them in hopes of him coming out in a few minutes. So he never came out. My friends were all going to watch a movie but i had a ton of work to do so i didn't want to waste 2 hours just sitting doing nothing, so i left to do my work. i brought my work outside just in case he happened to walk by. he did walk by and i was laying on the ground talking to one of my friends while we did our hw, and i was so happy but he just waved and didn't come over to talk or anything. i was so dissapointed, and then i figured that he'd have to walk back the same way so i waited a while longer (i was still working btw, it wasn't like i was just sitting outside waiting for him) and he didn't come, so i left and went on a walk w/ my friend, Erika. Later we went to the mall where i got some really cute pants, blah blah blah. Nothing else really happened. I didn't see him. It sucked, and he's not here today b/c AHA's on a tiyul.

okay, then something else happened today which is much worse. one of the girls from AHA is being sent home for possesion of alcohol. she bought alcohol for someone else, i guess b/c she looks old enough to have it and they had a search and it was still in her closet. if they find alcohol on you or in your stuff, you get sent home the next day, so yeah. she's so nice, and i feel really bad for her. friday night our counselor checked our breaths after we went out to dinner to see if we smelled like alcohol and two people had to be breathalized (not me) b/c they smelled like mint, which they could have used to cover it up but no one was found w/ alcohol, luckily. i didn't think anything of it but now...i don't know. she may get kicked out of aha b/c they get kicked out at home if they have alcohol, so i don't know if it applies the same way.

today really is turning out to be not so good of a day. our class is really sad so far. we're learning about modern day israel and terroism and it's so sad. i was crying before b/c they were talking about taking the jews out of ethiopia and we watched a clip of a movie and it made me so emotional. oy vey, what a day, what a day.

Love you all very much and I will see you in a week and a couple of days (i think.)

Current Mood: not so good
Saturday, October 22nd, 2005
1:01 pm
Hey, so pretty much I'm really bored. I'm taking a break from AP Gov. b/c it's so incredibly boring and I have a lot of it. I'm so behind in almost all my classes. I'm royally screwed as the DK (Donna Klein is a different school here) kids say, but then again, so is everyone else. There's really absolutely nothing to do on Shabbat except homework and hang out with other people who are also very bored. Oy vey. I'm trying to finish some homework though so I can go to the mall in Ranana tonight after shabbat ends. Isn't that a funny name for a city, Ranana? Yeah, you guys can tell how bored I am.

So...guess what? I was just typing all this stupid stuff and Michael was in here and he was about to leave so he went to the door, and then he came back and was like talking to me and everything. One of my friends (a girl) from AHA is sitting next to me and she was also talking to him. When he left, she said that he's one of the most annoying kids. uh oh! That's not good. whatever, i said that i think that he's really nice. We'll see. He was like so I'm going to go hang out outside, if you want to come feel free... Yay! Okay, so I think i'm going to go see what he's up to. Lots of love and I'll see everyone in about a week.

Current Mood: flirty
Friday, October 21st, 2005
2:37 pm
okay, so i'm not going to talk about sequentials because i'm pretty much screwed. i have so much to do before i come back to the states and not enough time to do it. i'm so stressed out

other than that, i'm feeling a range of emotions i didn't realize you could feel at the same time. i'm sad because i'm going to have to leave all my new friends but i'm soooo heppy to see you guys because i miss everyone at home so much. i feel like i just got here yet i feel like i've been here forever. i don't want to leave israel, but i want to be at home. it's the weirdest and biggest range of emotions i've ever had at one time, and i just don't know what to do with myself.

other than that...update on what's going on in israel.

i'm pretty upset b/c nothing has happened between me and michael and i was definetly expecting us to hook up or at least go out a couple of times. i think the problem is like the problem i have with all the guys i really like, we're both really shy when it comes to expressing our emotions about liking eachother and embarassed...i don't know. it sucks, a lot.

we went on this amazing hike yesterday in the middle of nowhere. it was so funny because we drove 2 and a half hours (the time i tried to sleep but i felt really bad because john let me sleep on him but it just ended up being uncomfortable for the both of us because we had so much stuff and not much room to lay) driving and then when we got there, there was NOTHING. for about 20 minutes everyone was like, "we're in the middle of nowhere. we drove 2 fucking hours to get to the middle of nowhere." They told us that this was going to be our hardest hike ever so i was really scared. when we got to the top of the mountain we were climbing, i couldn't believe we were already there. it had been relatively easy and i was hardly breaking a sweat. going down wasn't bad either. it was definetly the best hike yet although i am pretty sore right now.

k, well, i think i'm going to go shopping and i'll see you guys very soon. lots of love!!!
Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
2:35 pm
Quick update before AP Government class
Okay, so like usual, I've got a class soon so I've got to go fast even though I've got a ton of stuff to say.

Shabbat: I stayed with this girl named Ofri who is so cool. She reminds me so much of Emme. It made me happy and sad at the same time. Everything she said I was like, "omg, emme would have said that. i miss emme so much." she was going to set me up with one of her friends because i thought he was hot but that didn't happen because he slept the rest of the weekend. oh well. we went shopping and i got tons of stuff.

Sukkot: I stayed with an orthodox family (one of my friend's families) so that was really interesting. Definetly a new experience. They have five kids all under the age of 13 so that was a lot of work in and of itself. We ate lots and it was so cold because it was in the Golan Heights (mountains in the north of Israel) but I learned so much and it was definetly worth the three hour drive there.

Let's see...other than that, nothing really too important that i think you guys would care about. what are we doing for senior ads? when are those due? sorry this is probably formatted really badly because i'm trying to type in english on a computer that's formatted for hebrew. it types right to left. whatever

okay, so i love you guys. i'll see you in less than 2 weeks.

Current Mood: hurried
Friday, October 14th, 2005
8:41 am
The BEST yom kippur ever
OMG! so i had the best yom kippur ever, in case you guys didn't read the subject. Okay, on erev yom kippur (yom kippur eve) this guy, michael from aha introduced himself to me and we started talking. we had to go on this walk with our classes and we talked the whole way. when we got back it was nighttime but we still had about 2 hours before we had to be in our rooms so we went and sat in the courtyard at our youth hostile. we talked for awhile and then john, the only guy in my class came over and sat between us. john is like our big brother and he's pretty big. he plays football and lacrosse so he's got that kinda scary look to him. don't get me wrong...he's the nicest guy i've ever met, but i think he scared michael. so michael left for a few minutes to go talk to some friends and john put his arm around me and was like, "so have you guys hooked up yet?" and i told him no and he was like, "so what has he touched?" and i was like, "nothing!!!" so that was pretty funny and he just asked me what i thought of michael and everything. when michael came back john was like, "okay, i'll leave you two alone." So we kept talking for awhile, and then we were like, "shit, we better check what time it is" so we went and checked and we were fine on time, so we went up to the roof, where there were a bunch of people hanging out. we decided to go to a different part and sit down on the roof. in the background, you could see all of Jerusalem. It was soooo pretty and romantic because it was dark but there were these lights that the muslims had put up for their holiday that made everything light up. we sat there and talked and then after awhile, he was like,"it's getting cold." and he put his arm around me and we kind of put our heads together and sat just thinking and enjoying eachother's warmth, not that it was really cold. he just said that, but whatever, i didn't care.

okay, so here's where it gets interesting. his counselor came up and was like, "what time is it?" and he was like, "i don't know. i didn't have a watch." apparently we were like fifteen minutes late to our room. he took me to my counselor's room where she kind of yelled at me but i didn't get any punishments so that was good. he said the same thing happened to him.

on yom kippur, we walked to synagogue together but were seperated b/c it was an orthodox synagogue where women and men were seperated. so i didn't really see him until dinner where we sat together. we went back to campus (on seperate buses) and when we got back we were waiting for the computer lab to open because i had to type up 44 pages of spanish vocab and i was complaining about how tired i was and how much homework i had to do. he was like, "do you want me to help you type up some of it?" and i was like, "no, that's okay." but isn't that so sweet? he also had a lot of homework, an essay in fact, and yet he still offered to help me. aww, he's so sweet. okay, a bunch of people are coming in and i've got class so i'm going to go. love you guys and miss you!

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